Thymatron® System IV ECT System
  • Somatics

  • Thymatron® System IV ECT System

  • Integrated brief-pulse electroconvulsive therapy(ECT) Instrument

The Thymatron System IV is available with a four-channel printer for recording EEG/EMG/ECG and more-than meets the current Royal College of Psychiatrists ECT recommendations and ensures that it will comply with future ones. The Thymatron System IV is also leading the way with new development and upgrades to the ECT machine such as the new Anaesthesia Depth Monitor and the Ultrabrief 0.25 ms pulsewidth stimulus that reduces cognitive side effects.

The system includes the following:

  • Adjust dose with a single dial
  • Prints 4 channels plus digital heart rate
  • Important EEG measures require no special training
  • Optimal stimulus automatically selected at every dose
  • Store entire treatment on palm or windows computer
  • Ultra-brief therapy at every stimulus dose

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