Vario 18
Vario 18
Vario 18
Vario 18
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  • Vario 18

  • Airway Suction Pump

Vario 18 is an efficient medical suction pump. As an all-rounder for hospitals and clinics, it offers reliability, low noise and mobility.

The Vario 18 is lightweight, but robust, portable and designed for small surgical interventions and for airway suctioning. It offers easy and intuitive handling and operates quietly with high performance.

Vario 18 can be used with either a Disposable or a Reusable Collection System, according to the customer’s requirements.

Benefits of Vario 18

Vario 18 is a Swiss-engineered portable suction pump. It is powerful, efficient and so quiet that it can be used at the patient's bedside.

  • Swiss technology offers precision of vacuum level settings and reliability of performance.
  • The quiet QuatroFlex drive unit delivers superior power and durability.
  • Portable and versatile thanks to a compact design and battery-powered option.
  • Hygienically designed pump and collection systems allow for efficient routine cleaning.
  • Intuitive handling and safety features require little instructions.

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