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The Clario airway suction pump provides easy-to-use, highly mobile suction for home healthcare teams and patients in need of airway suction. Clario is the airway suction pump for quick relief for quiet tracheostomy suctioning.

Quick relief for quiet tracheostomy suctioning

Quiet operation and a sleek, subtle appearance allow for discreet suctioning in public, while the lightweight and portable design give users freedom in and outside the home. It is easy to clean, and the threefold hygienic design provides superior infection control. Fluids are prevented from entering the pump.

The pre-set vacuum levels of the Clario and Clario Toni pump meet the AARC guidelines for fast and safe pediatric and adult airway suctioning. Once chosen, the vacuum will remain at this level. Most importantly, suction starts immediately for quick relief, due to the unique, small canister size. The user-centric design makes cleanup and reassembly easy and fail-safe.

Benefits of Clario

  • Practical and easy to use with pre-determined vacuum settings and modular design.
  • Very hygienic – routine cleaning is simple. Threefold hygienic design keeps fluids from entering the pump unit.
  • The quietness of the pump makes suctioning on the move and in public more discreet.
  • Ideal for use out and about  

Versions: Clario AC, Clario AC/DC, Clario Deluxe

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