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The iN∫X Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System is the only system proven to effectively eliminate lifting from patient transport both at the back of the ambulance and on-scene.  Load patients without lifting and overcome obstacles with the push of a button, not your back!

RAISE, LOWER, LOAD, UNLOAD WITHOUT LIFTING. - iNtegrated Loading System allows you to stop lifting and to load and unload with ease.

UP AND OVER OBSTACLES WITH CONFIDENCE. - iNdependent X-Frame Design allows you to navigate obstacles with your thumb and not your back.

LIGHT AND LEAD THE WAY - iNtegrated lighting system with continuous and flashing modes allows you to see and be seen in dark and hazardous conditions. 

  • Dual Powered Actuators - Maximize tip stability and lift patient loads up to 700lbs
  • Integrated Charging System - Eliminate battery management
  • Programmable Load Height - Adjusts to match your ambulance floor height
  • Level Patient Surface - Level at all heights to enhance procedural care
  • Universal Accessory Rail - Attach accessories in any position

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