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With Thopaz+, Medela sets the standard for effectiveness, compact design and ease of use. Thopaz+ features the latest technology allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions based on precise drainage data.

Improving outcomes and streamlining care - clinically proven

Millions of chest drainage therapies are performed annually, sometimes even saving lives. Many disciplines are affected.
Frequently used underwater seal systems are limited in supporting evidence based decision making, causing inefficient outcomes and unnecessary risks. The use of modern chest drainage systems from Medela, is clinically proven to provide cost reductions by streamlining surgical care and post-procedural monitoring of patient status.

10 years of Digital Chest Drainage Research and Innovation

From Heber-principle to digital systems, thoracic surgery has significantly changed and improved over the course of time – so has chest drainage. Ten years ago, chest drainage therapy as we knew it was completely overhauled with the introduction of digital drainage systems.

Based on science and innovative research Medela has continuously proven to be the technology leader in this area. In 2007, Thopaz was introduced as the first truly portable, digital drainage system. In 2014, Thopaz+ was launched, the first digital drainage monitoring system with electronic measurement of air-leak and drainage volume.

Vast amounts of clinical and global experience show how 10 years of digital drainage have truly impacted the medical field.

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