Syramed®µSP6000 Chroma
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  • Syramed®µSP6000 Chroma

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The innate versatility of the Chroma Series volumetric and syringe pumps allows them to be programmed with various custom-tailored configurations and infusion profiles. They can also be used as ICU pumps, neonatology pumps, anesthesia TCI or TIVA pumps, PCA pumps, or, simply, all all-in-one pumps! The decision is yours!.

Our revolutionary All-in-One philosophy simplifies the use of the syringe and volumetric pump as it relieves the user of having to make upfront decisions about which application has to use. The pump adjusts to the user’s needs. It can be used in the OR as a TIVA or TCI pump, and follows the patient to the recovery room, where it turns into a PCA pump. It can also be used as a standard infusion pump in ICU and general wards. A real all-in-one pump!.

Chroma Series pumps are designed to be used within the UniQueDOC™ docking station. Chroma Series pumps are compatible with the UniQue CONCEPT™ infusion data management system. Thanks to the innovative technology of the Chroma Series infusion pumps, no stand-alone pump is easier to use.

  • Large, easy-to-read, high-impact, high-resolution color LCD Screen.
  • TouchScreen with shortcut-based user interface for ease of use.
  • MedMarker™ color-coding of medication.
  • Drug-dose calculation.
  • Dose-error-reduction system.
  • Ramping and sequenced drug library.
  • Free-flow protection.
  • Adjustable pressure limit.
  • Manual and programmable bolus function.
  • Automatic bolus reduction following occlusion.
  • Battery life up to 10 hours (rate-dependent).
  • IR Interface.
  • Standard power cord.
  • Built-in handle.
  • Ability to stack in docking station UniQueDOC™.

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