Basic VADS
Basic VADS
Basic VADS
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  • Basic VADS

  • Vacuum Assisted Delivery System

Various techniques can be used to assist women giving birth. Medela offers a complete system that includes a suction pump with all the necessary components and a large choice of suction cups. Medela's suction pumps offer a rapid vacuum build-up and reliably maintain the vacuum in order to keep the suction cups in place.

Reliability and flexibility

Whenever the birth process requires vacuum assistance, this mobile suction unit can be an efficient solution. The Basic Suction Pump offers fast and efficient vacuum build up, easy maintenance and precise vacuum settings. The Basic's consistent active vacuum helps to keep the suction cup in place to reduce the risk of cup pop-offs.

Medela offers an extensive range of disposable and reusable suction cups. The Basic suction pump has been thoroughly tested for safe and efficient use with all these types of suction cups.

Benefits of Basic VAD System

  • It is reassuring for the obstetrician to know that the active vacuum can reduce inadvertent pop-offs.
  • Thanks to Medela's extensive range of rigid and soft suction cups (disposable or reusable) the right cup for each individual situation is always available.
  • Quick setup thanks to compatible parts.


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