Corpuls3 Monitoring Unit  - C3
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  • Corpuls3 Monitoring Unit - C3

  • Corpuls3 Monitoring Unit - C3


Up to 6 curves and 13 vital parameters can be displayed simultaneously on the brilliant 8.4" display. Fully customisable, freely nameable and, in the case of the NIBD display, with quality indicator. This way, paramedics or the emergency physician always have the information at hand that they need at that very moment. No more, no less.


The integrated connectivity functions such as WLAN and GSM are ideally suited for remote medicine and the corpuls telemetric solution corpuls.mission. Up to 6 curves can be printed in real time via the broad printer.



Modular design

More flexibility through division into three function sections.

Energy Management

Intelligent algorithms ensure the best battery utilisation between the three modules.

Versatile Mounts

BS EN 1789 approved, space saving brackets for all scenarios.

Advanced Communication

Uninterruptible monitoring from the EMS site into the hospital.

Full Control

corPatch CPR sensor provides immediate feedback to the clinician and ensures high quality CPR.

8.4” Configurable Colour Display

Up to 6 waveforms and 13 vital parameters can be displayed simultaneously.


8.4kg Weight

Total operational weight including bags, three batteries, leads, paper etc.

Operating Temperatures

Use under extreme conditions (IP55, operating temperature -20° to +55°C).

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